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Herbal Dream Pillo, starry night, Van Gogh ~ Restful sleep, Lavender, Mugwort, Hops

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herbal dream pillows are filled with a blend of herbs known to encourage sleep, dream time thought and vision. Each herb in the pillow has a specific purpose: Hops encourages sleep, Lavender will make all of our dreams pleasant, Rosemary is included for remembrance, Thyme is said to keep away nightmares and Mugwort is a symbol of health and hope and has long been known as a dream activator, it calms the concision mind and awakens the deep consciousness which brings on vivid dreams. To bring on the heavenly fragrance of Dream Pillows to your home, place one under your pillow or hang from your headboard. They will also give a gentle fragrance to your closet or dresser drawer. Ribbon style and color may vary * Not recommended for children copyright © 1998 - 2018 Willow Moon TM . All rights reserved.